1st Time Clean understands cleanliness in education establishments is critical, it is important to provide healthy environments to promote the learning experience while contributing to pupils and teacher’s well-being. The education sector can be very challenging, cost challenging, and we understand the need for flexible service delivery. As a service provider our service delivery supports the cleaning and maintenance of school premises so that health, safety and welfare needs of the pupils are safeguarded. 
A good contractor-client relationship is essential to understand client and premise requirements, determine set standards and manage expectations for a successful partnership. All parties need to work together to seek the best provision to suit each individual premise working around the demands of the schooling day and extracurricular activities. 
Our cleaning services will deliver optimum standards of cleanliness and we will support you to help keep your environments safe, clean and hygienic. We take the responsibility for recruiting, eligibility checking & managing cleaning staff including DBS checks at an enhanced level. All staff will receive professional training on all aspects of Health and Safety and how to deliver a fully compliant service. We as the provider ensure all Health and Safety compliance is in place to deliver the service in a safe and efficient manner. All our staff are trained and regularly retrained to maintain skills and competence and we look to continually improve. 
1st Time Clean will: 
Deliver a fully compliant service adhering to all aspects of Health and Safety 
Provide a safe environment for all staff and pupils throughout the premise 
Develop staff and provide skills training and continual development 
Promote effective communication with staff and working closely with the school management team 
Drive continuous improvement though regular monitoring of standards and performance 
Provide advice and support to promote cost effective service delivery 
Work flexibly to suit the needs and demands of the client 


Contact us to discuss your premise specific requirements or ask for a free no obligation quote. We are here to help and support you get the best from your cleaning service delivery. 
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