Kitchens are busy environments operating all hours of the day and night. A professional kitchen needs to be a safe, clean and hygienic environment in order to comply with The Food Hygiene Regulations and the Foo d Safety Act. 
1st Time Clean understands that compliance isn’t just about a tick in the box, it’s a mark of professional standards, commitment to quality and adherence to regulations. We work around you and your business to provide a flexible and professional cleaning service. 
Canopy and extraction cleaning are carried out to the standards and specification of the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA) Standard TR19. Extraction systems will accumulate deposits of grease and over time this build up can present a significant fire hazard. Even with an efficient extraction system and a regular programme of filter cleaning the grease will still build up within the extraction ducting. Any build up will reduce the ventilation efficiency that will result in overheating presenting a fire risk. In addition, the extraction system will produce excessive humidity which leads to strong odours that can permeate the building. 
Detailed extraction cleaning includes a total degrease of canopy systems, with all filters removed, cleaned and thoroughly sanitised. 
Catering business insurers require evidence that fire risk assessments have been completed and that extraction systems have been cleaned by a professional contractor at regular intervals. All our works are certified on completion. 
The HVCA recommendations for cleaning frequencies are as follows: 
Light use 
2-6 hours per day 
Moderate use 
6-12 hours per day 
Heavy use 
Over 12 hours per day 


With many insurance companies now insisting on building owners having their kitchen extraction systems cleaned, tested and maintained, there’s never been a better time to have detailed canopy cleaning by 1st Time Clean. 


Contact us now to book an appointment to review your kitchen cleaning requirements and have total peace of mind that we will deliver professional deep cleaning services that keep you compliant. 

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